Akka HTTP vs Other REST API Tools


Hi Folks !

Lately there have been a lot of tools that allow us to build rest APIs like the following :

  • Akka Http
  • Play
  • Scalatra
  • http4s
  • Finch
  • Spray

In my blog today, I will be discussing Akka Http and its counterparts(competitors) in terms of their advantages, disadvantages, performance and use cases.

Let us begin comparsion of Akka-Http with Scalatra.

Scalatra is a thread based,it works by handling servlets and requires servlet container like jetty to run, it can delegate work to akka as per its documentation.On the other hand akka-http is actor per request, and it doesn’t require a container and writing actor model code is more natural pattern. In terms of DSL, Both have comparably easy and well written DSLs for writing routes.

Comparing in terms of performance it has been noted and well established in practise that akka-http application behaves much better than scalatra and continue to…

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