An Introduction to CockroachDB !!!


Hello Folks,

Today we are going to discuss about the Resilient SQL Database. As we know database is a main part for any organization or business.  We say that we have many databases in the present, developers are left with a small range of options:

  1. Traditional RDBMS:
    Traditional Database is known for the Transaction, Consistency and indexes, but are not scalable and fault-tolerant. As you business grows it will become hard for the developer to scale your business. If you want to make changes and increase number of nodes, you have to restore and shards your all data.
  2. NoSQL:
    NoSQL is designed for the large scale of data but for achieve the scalability, it sacrifice the Schema, Transaction and Consistency. It will not help to implement complex application.

As we can see that these options does not work properly when we have large amount of data, which is why we…

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