Solr With Scala: Rest End Points with AKKA HTTP


Hello Folks,

Today we will discuss about Solr, Scala with Akka-HTTP. We will create rest-endpoints and try to connect with Solr server with them.

The basic idea behind using Akka-HTTP for creating Rest end points is modules implement a full server and client-side HTTP stack on top of akka-actor and akka-stream. We can customize these routes according to our use case.

We will talk step by step to development this Rest API after which you will able to run this API on your server and start hitting Rest end points.

Now we start coding :

  1. pom.xml:
    We will start our implementation with the pom.xml file. We will keep all require dependencies in this file.
  2. Factories:
    This is the part where we interact with the Solr. This code shows how we can can inert or update data and query for searching data from the Solr system.
  3. Routes:
    This is the…

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