Neo4j With Scala: Awesome Experience with Spark


Lets start our journey again in this series. In the last blog we have discussed about the Data Migration from the Other Database to the Neo4j. Now we will discuss that how can we combine Neo4j with Spark?

Before starting the blog here is recap :

  1. Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction
  2. Neo4j with Scala: Defining User Defined Procedures and APOC
  3. Neo4j with Scala: Migrate Data From Other Database to Neo4j

Now we start our journey. We know that we use Apache Spark is a generalized framework for distributed data processing providing functional API for manipulating data at large scale, in-memory data caching and reuse across computations. Now when we are using Neo4j as a graph database and we have to perform data processing that time we use Spark for the data processing. We have to follow some basic step before start playing with Spark.

  1. We can download…

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