Neo4j With Scala : Migrate Data From Other Database to Neo4j


Hello Folks;

Lets continue the Neo4j with Scala. We have earlier discuss about the use of Neo4j with Scala and Neo4j APOC with Scala. In this blog we are going to discuss about how we can migrate data from the other database like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Cassandra.

But before starting the journey, To those who have caught the train late 😉 , this is what has happened till now:

  1. Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction
  2. Neo4j with Scala: Defining User Defined Procedures and APOC

So till now we have some basic understanding of Neo4j and APOC with Scala. Now we will start blog for the series.

We use many databases for storing the data. But when we have a large amount of data and tables that time it becomes so hard to make query and execute them on the database. We have to be extra cautious to…

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