Apache PIG : Installation and Connect with Hadoop Cluster


Apache PIG, It is a scripting platform for analyzing the large datasets. PIG is a high level scripting language which work with the Apache Hadoop. It enables workers to write complex transformation in simple script with the help PIG Latin. Apache PIG directly interact with the data in Hadoop cluster.

Apache PIG transform Pig script into the MapReduce jobs so it can execute with the Hadoop YARN for access the dataset stored in HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System).

When we want to use Apache PIG we have to create Hadoop cluster and than run Pig on it. For creating the Hadoop cluster, you can follow this blog. While following this blog when we are creating hdfs-site.xml please make changes according to this.

Now when you have done with Hadoop, now it is time for install Pig. We can download latest version of Pig (pig-0.16.0) from here. After…

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