Hive-Metastore : A Basic Introduction


As we know database is the most important and powerful part for any organisation. It is the collection of Schema, Tables, Relationships, Queries and Views. It is an organized collection of data. But can you ever think about these question –

  1. How does database manage all the tables?
  2. How does database manage all the relationship?
  3. How do we perform all operations so easy?
  4. Is there any way to know about all this?

There is one answer for all the question and that is Metastore. In the Metastore database keeps all the information related to our databases, tables and relations as Metadata. When ever you want to know about database than in the Metastore we can easily find all the information.

Here we will talk about the Hive-Metastore system where it keep all the information about the tables and relations.

Hive-Metastore :

All hive implementation need a metastore service, where it…

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