Neo4j with Scala : User Defined Procedure and APOC


In the last blog Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction which got the overwhelming response from Neo4j and Dzone. We discussed about how to use Neo4j with Scala. For recap Blog and the Code. Now we are going to take one step ahead .

As we know that in the Relational Database, Procedure provide advantages of better performance, scalability, productivity, ease of use and security.

In the Neo4j we also used APOC and User Defined Procedure which provide same advantages which we get in the Relational Database.

User Defined Function

We used user defined procedure in the Relational Database which we store in the database and call from there whenever needed. In Neo4j we also do the same thing. Here we create procedure method with the @Procedure annotation.

When we annotated with @Procedure, it takes any Cypher Type as parameters and returns Stream of Data…

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