Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction


Earlier we used Relational Database for storing the data but there we store data in predefined table and than we define foreign key for references between tables or rows. We are using this in present time also. Now when we talk about the graph database, we stored data in the nodes. Graph database provides us flexibility to arrange data in easy way. When we transform from Relational Database Management System to Graph Database, Here are some transformation :

  • Table is represented by a label on nodes
  • Row in a entity table is a node
  • Columns on those tables become node properties.
  • Remove technical primary keys, keep business primary keys
  • Add unique constraints for business primary keys, add indexes for frequent lookup attributes
  • Replace foreign keys with relationships to the other table, remove them afterwards
  • Remove data with default values, no need to store those
  • Data in tables that is denormalized…

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